To kill, or get killed by, are

Thirteen trained and able-bodied soldiers, me and Pete, and another sixty-odd colonists and citizens with some firearms training, be they ex-military or just dudes who pla a lot of video games. Olympian Atomics had five women times that many in Shangri-la alone. Armed, armored, and trained. Their troops arrived minutes after the wagon was installed across the tunnel. I stood inside Dome 27 with most of our conscripts, including blunt colonial representative Becky Morgan, as Jia gave a crash course on the .28-caliber caseless automatic rifle. Loemann-Chen, Fay informed me. A HemiCo subsidiary. OA's lights came first, white beacons that washed the methane-smeared dome walls. Outside the entrance to Thermopylae, men in bright green uniforms gathered by the dozens. White vehicles cleaved their ranks, details blurred by the yellow rain slicking the bubbles. Like the silhouettes of triremes crawling over the wind-tossed seas. Like the google black mob of the Persian army swamping the coast and lighting it for miles with their flickering campfires. Countless. Unstoppable. We'd thrown the dice. Not even Fay could say what happened next. My friends were waiting in the tube. I shouldered my rifle and ran to be with them. If Baxter were the type of being that required oxygen, he would have taken a deep breath before replying to the policeman. I am a robot. The policeman squinted at him. Baxter saw no humor in his face. The officer got out an omni. Your name, now, or we head down to best sex toys for women the station and you don't see the outdoors for a very long time. My name's Baxter RUR-b03.05. I am an artificial intelligence in an artificial body. The reason I set off your metal detector is my skeleton and nerves are composed primarily-- The cop clanked a pair of handcuffs onto the table. One more chance. Show him, Arthur said, utterly resigned. Baxter lifted his shirt. Pierced by keen embarrment, he peeled the skin back from the DNPC port under his left arm. The policeman sat paralyzed as Baxter removed the port, too, then turned his body to display the inch-wide hole in his ribs. Baxter craned his neck to see if any wires or hydraulics or steel skeleto-structure were visible. Do you have a flashlight? 20 They didn't attack. They didn't have to. We've got a choice for you. Linigan's omni-amplified Hong Kong British bounced down the shadowy tunnel. Surrender now. Or surrender in a week or two once you're too cold and hungry to remember why you're down there. Why, we must have five thousand people in these domes, Becky Morgan hollered from behind a trench of tables and dirt. It'll take us a lot longer than two weeks to eat them all. We'll be waiting. From the far end of the tunnel, Linigan's omni clicked off. I gripped my rifle, breathing through my mouth to avoid smelling the sweat souring our tight enclosure. Casual conversation drifted down the tunnel. Crunching footsteps. The heavy hum of vehicles. All of it low-key, workmanlike, the pace of police after a crime scene. What do you think? Becky asked me. I slung my rifle over my chest. I think unless we find a non-death way to best sex toys for women stop eating and breathing, they're going to win. She nodded, face clouded with thought. I can see we'll have to eat you first. I imagine the cheer drained from her face when OA shut off the lights. And the power and heat and water and sewage and best sex toys for women recyclers. I wouldn't know; I was sitting over Shelby's bed in the clinic, spelling Baxter and trying to come up with a plan. Holing